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    Tonada has gathered many excellent domestic automobile air conditioner R&D members. In order to develop new products and solve the problems of applicability in domestic markets, overseas advanced design and manufacturing technology has been introduced into our company. Tonada has gained 9 China national patents on brushless fans. Thus, we have become one of  the leaders in bus air conditioner industry in China. Tonada insists on using the best electrical and mechanical components to guarantee the product performance. We have analyzed the bus air conditioner system and components by applying computer simulation technology theoretically.

    Tonada has rich management experiences´╝îconcurrent developing and converse engineering design capability. The advanced Intelligent Testing system can test pressure, temperature, air flow with high speed and accuracy. It gives reliable data and resolves them automatically. The testing system fulfills the new China national standard of GB/T1236-2000/.

CAD/CAM/CAE Platform    

The advanced Intelligent MGS Testing System for Fans

Speciality-integrated Lab for Fan