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EC Ventiladores axiales

TONADA’s EC axial fans prove their reputation as space-saving wonders by moving air for hot or cold air exchange in a wide variety of devices and systems. The outstanding features of axial fans are their small installation depth, low noise level and exceptional efficiency, and are particularly well suited for air flow through heat exchangers. Furthermore, with GreenTech EC technology, the axial fan becomes a intelligent energy saver for an extremely wide range of applications.

Tonada DC brushless fans come with single-speed version, double-speed version and variable speed version, and intelligent electronic controllers of the condenser fans have internal (integrated with motor) and external version.

Tonada brushless DC fans have the following features as compared to other similar products:

High Degree of Energy Saving and Longer Service Life

Energy saving by 20%; life span exceeds 35,000 hours.

● High Reliability and Environmental Adaptability

The rapid heat dissipation of brushless motor can keep the motor performance stable and reliable; the optimum operating temperature range from -40°C to 80°C.

● High Efficiency and Anti-electromagnetic Interference

No resistance and heat emission caused by carbon brush & commutator of motor. DC brushless motors are also operating at a more constant speed and the interference of electromagnetic is much lower than the traditional brush motors.

● Environmental Friendly and Maintenance Free

No carbon brush and commutator, therefore the motor works without polluting our environment.

The EC Axial fans (brushless fans) produced by TONADA are widely used in industry HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), heat exchanger (cooling/heat-away), refrigerated vehicle etc. 


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