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Advantages of Brushless DC Motor

Comparing with traditional brushed type motors, BLDC motors have the following advantages:
☆ Longer Life
    2 to 3 times longer than brushed motors
☆ No Maintenance
    No carbon brushes to be changed
☆ Cleaner
    No dust residues
☆ Quieter
    No electronic and frictional noise
☆ No Arcing (Spark-free)
    Safe and less radio interference
☆ More Efficient = Energy Saving
    No brush friction, so power consumed is 28% less than brushed motors, based on the same output
☆ Saves:
    Alternator life
    Battery life
    Belt life
    Maintenance and down time incurred from above
    Smaller and Lighter Weight
    Highest Torque / Weight among all types of motors
☆ Very High Reliability
    No commutator or brushes to wear out
☆ Better Performance
☆ Produce Less heat
    In the view of bus operators, downtime is not only troublesome but also costly. Smart bus operation companies are willing to pay higher prices in exchange for reducing the maintenance burden, in our case the time spent on changing brushes and replacing faulty motors from time to time.
    The cost and trouble saved on maintenance are the main criteria that will drive them to switch to reliable BLDC motors.
    Unlike other products, our targeted customers will only consider switching to our product after careful calculation. This means it takes some time for the market to understand the benefits of using BLDC motors.
    In the mean time, we also must be prepared to spend time for market’s recognition. Because of this, our focus on product quality and reliability for present as well as for future will become an everyday job.

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