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关键词:直流无刷风机; 巴士空调; 发展趋势

The Latest Technology and Development Trend of DC Brush-less Fans of Environment Friendly & Energy Saving Air Conditioners for the Buses

Zhang Chi, Xu Bo, Liang Baoqian, Qiu Kai

(Chongqing Institute of Technology, Chongqing 400050, <st1:country-region w:st="on">China)

Abstract : In comparison to conventional brush fans , the brush-less fans not only have the merits of being environment friendly , energy saving , low noise level , long life cycle and more reliable , they have been proven successfully as the solution to reduce high current consumption , high start-up current , short life cycle , risk of sparks generation , low work efficiency , high noise level and difficulties of maintenance work . Thus there is a very huge demand of the brush-less fans in the global markets as well as the potential in domestic markets with excellent prospect. This article analyzes the basic structures and the main features of the DC brush-less fan system of air conditioners for buses, and it high-lights the fundamental working principles and its advantages of the operation of brush-less fan system in depth. It also elaborates the application fields and the direction of its development.

Key Words: DC Brush-less Fans; Air Conditioners for Bus; Development Trend


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