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Centrifugal Brushed Blower, 12V

Model No.】:RA12B006-B20-3SP-01    【Part No.】:02.12.03B    e-Catalog
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Product Introduction】:

Tonada DC centrifugal blower with brush:

Model: RA12B006-B20-3SP-01; P/N: 02.12.03B 

Max. Airflow 750 m3/h, Current  Input 18.6A, 3 Speeds.

Environmental Temperature: -40 ℃ ~ +70 ℃

Working Voltage: 12VDC

Quality: 1.8Kg

Noise: 74db (A)


The blower is the double-impeller centrifugal type, it has the characteristics of simple structure, working reliability, high efficiency, long working life etc. 

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