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French embassy commissioner visited tonada

    Recently,French embassy (innovation and development) commissioner for science and technology -Dr.Patrick Nedellec had a visit in Tonada which located in Chongqing business incubator for oversea returnees. Because of the agreement on development strategy of “production and research” innovation field, and in order to improve the cooperation relationship between this two countries, Republic of French Ministry of Economic, Financial and Employment signed an inter-governmental contract with china. Under this framework, we will get a further communication with France experts. His aim is to find the potential partner on research and training in the related technology zone for French competitiveness clusters
    Dr.Patrick Nedellec got detailed information about Tonada, and had a deep communication with Prof. Zhang about the innovation ability, marketing development and the cooperation plans etc. Dr.Patrick Nedellec said that he will promote intensive cooperation between the two countries. After then Dr.Patrick Nedellec wet to Chongqing University of Technology and had a further communication with the international cooperation and communication department.

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