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    --- Tonada DC brushless fans and blowers support the scientific development of Chinese bus

    On Dec. 28.2008, the Urban Public Transportation Committee, Technology Subcommittee , and China Urban Transportation Bus Rapid Transit Committee hosted a chairman (expansion)conference, undertook by Changzhou Public Bus Co., LTD. and Changzhou Industrial Technical Glass Co.,LTD.
    The general manager of Chongqing Tonada Co., LTD. --Prof. Zhang was invited to take part in this conference.
      Prof. Zhang briefly introduced the application of high efficiency DC brushless fans in the bus and its great achievement in “bus priority” and green bus program. Prof. Zhang also stated his ideas to spread green environmentally friendly products in the bus system. Prof. Zhang emphasize that to ensure people’s high-standard life and to improve people’s life quality is the essential requirement of socialism, so we must strengthen the bus capability and improve the quality of bus.

Prof. Zhang’s speech got a wide approval in the conference, and won an honor.

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