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The Brushless DC Motor of Tonada

    Tonada  adopts the latest sensorless technology using trapezoidal back EMF to detect sequence and power the winding to provide the proper shaft rotational speed.  As axial space was not required to hold the hall sensors, the sensorless design is compact and lighter in weight.  With the advance digital technology, Tonada Technology takes the brushless motor technology to another  height by providing greater features and versatility to the product application and performance.  The uniquely in-house developed intelligent controller encompasses advanced processor and electronic technology with unprecedented added features to enhance the safety, efficiency and performance of the motor.

   The product concept of separating controller and brushless motor is to compact the size of motor, reduce cost of maintenance and provide versatility in product application. To achieve excellent NVH, all motors complete with fan-blade and shroud, or blower wheels are balanced at our production line to ensure high durability and optimum performance.

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