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Zhou Jian, director of Jiangjin Management Committee of Science City, visited Tonada in person

  On the eve of the Spring Festival, Zhou Jian, director of the Jiangjin Management Committee of the Science City, and his delegation came to the company to inspect the work. After coming to the company, general manager Zhang Chi made a detailed introduction on the development history of the company, products, and the company's production and operation development, achievements made a report. Director Zhou gave full affirmation and praise to Tonada in last year's severe economic situation, the business situation can also increase three times year-on-year. Said, the company's foreign trade work is of great significance, I hope the company to sum up experience, expand sales channels, make the company bigger and stronger.


  Subsequently, Director Zhou and other leaders came to the workshop to understand the production process of the company, and gave a high degree of affirmation to the product quality control. I hope to make persistent efforts, and the company's products can be recognized by more customers, and then go to a new level.

  Director Zhou also stressed that the government attaches great importance to creating a good business environment. The government will do a good job to help enterprises in the park, understand their needs, listen to their voices, and effectively solve their difficulties.


  Zhang Chi, the general manager, said that he felt the rapid development of Jiangjin in recent years and the ardent care of the leaders of the park. He felt very warm and down-to-earth in his heart. The company rooted in Jiangjin this piece of land, will be better quality products and services for users, to contribute to the economic construction of Jiangjin.

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