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Warmly celebrate our company's successful development of a new type of marine brushless DC fan

       Recently, our company has successfully applied DC brushless fans to the maritime industry and achieved mass production. This research and development once again refreshed our company's leading position in the domestic industry for brushless DC fans.

      In the context of the global economic recovery, the shipping industry has recently shown a hot trend. However, with the rapid development of the refrigerated transportation industry in the shipping industry, the energy consumption of reefer containers has become increasingly prominent. As the outside air temperature, sea water temperature, solar radiation intensity and cargo transportation changes, the sensible heat and latent heat load of the refrigerated container refrigeration system are constantly changing. However, because most of the condensing fans and evaporating fans used on ships are fixed-frequency, it is difficult to automatically adjust the speed according to the external heat load and the internal heat load, which makes the energy loss very serious. This not only runs counter to the global environment that promotes energy conservation and environmental protection, but also brings additional costs to related companies. The brushless DC fan studied by our company can not only solve the above problems, but also has the characteristics of high heat dissipation efficiency, long service life, waterproof and corrosion resistance. Our products meet the increasingly high requirements for energy conservation and environmental protection in the new era, and they are at the forefront of the times.

  "Keep moving and pursue perfection" is our company’s goal; "Honesty and innovation is as the soul" is our company’s aim. Interested customers are welcome to contact our company, we will provide you with sincere service. 

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